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You Need The Vamp Inspired Chanel Holiday Collection


True or false: Vamp nail polish was the best nail polish that ever happened to the ’90s….

Fucking true, duh! GTFO of here with your Wet n’ Wild BS. Vamp was the nail polish of choice for Uma Thurman’s uber betchy character, Mia Wallace, in Pulp Fiction. Argument won.

^^^ ME (Maybe you, on a good day.)

Even though it’s been way too damn long, Chanel has finally released a collection based all around the iconic lacquer, just in time for the holidays. (Nothing says “Merry Xmas” like gothic makeup.) There’s a whole bunch of shit in the line for you Chanel purists out there, including new nail polishes, a stunning cream eyeshadow, and drop dead Vamp shade lipstick. All inspired by the OG color.

Get in loser, we’re going shopping! (Mia, you can come too.)

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