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Easter Home Decor Inspiration


Easter is right around the corner along with the spring weather. With the sounds of chirping birds and the melting of snow, we can start to prepare for this special holiday. Consider decorating your home with simple but meaningful Easter decor. They are adorable, affordable, and impressive to help make this Easter an unforgettable memory for your family.

Dining rooms are always the center of Easter holiday!

Using  a collection of dinnerware with simple Easter colors would strike an impeccable balance between elegant and casual and should be an obvious choice to decorate your Amish dining room table. To complete the look, try adding solid white linen. The solid white linen can be used for any holiday meal and is simple to wash with hot water and bleach afterwards.

Transform the fireplace mantel.

An Amish entertainment center with a fireplace in your living room might be a perfect area to showcase Easter and seasonal decorations. Add a few Easter decorations to the mantel, Easter decor can be added to your home tastefully. In addition, the decor will be higher up to prevent younger children from touching and possible damaging the decor.

Freshen up the front door.

A wreath made out of simple plastic eggs, vibrantly colored ribbon, and a lovable stuffed bunny would create an impressive Easter look for the front door of your house. To brighten up and add some unique embellishments to the entry, you can use fabric, ribbon or generally anything available to create the colorful landscape. This simple technique will definitely make your neighbors or friends have a feeling of the Easter holiday.

Decorate old vases.

Have a look in your own house to find inspiration when embellishing for Easter. One thing that is simple and affordable to do is take ordinary jars or vases, and wrap or cover them with Easter-inspired wrapping paper. Decorate them with the mix and match patterns, purchasing some bold and colorful flowers and fill the vases to create an attractive centerpiece. Place the up cycled vases on your coffee table, end table, or side table in your home to add a elegant Easter feel.

Embellish your porch with hanging Easter eggs.

A bundle of colorful Easter eggs might be a festive embellishment for the front porch of your house. With some plastic foam eggs, which are available in many crafts stores, you can wrap and use a straight pin or glue to attach their ends. Next, add some yellow ribbons and leave a long end to type your favorite quotes. Now it’s time to gather those eggs at different lengths and ties all ribbons together. Place the collection on a removable hood and your porch will look more beautiful than ever before.

With these creative decor ideas, you will spring into the Easter and new season with love and style. This special holiday is not just a time to celebrate but also a moment to make your house a more inviting place to live. Happy Easter!


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