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Wildly Gorgeous Fairytale Wedding Inspiration


What’s romantic, innovative and beyond stunning – all at the same time? This wildly gorgeous fairytale inspired wedding inspiration out of the UK. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick-off 2019 than with the over-the-top talents of Joanne Fleming and Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cakes Emporium. Each year, our anticipation is at its most heightened level. Eagerly awaiting what the industry’s top level professionals will deliver. When you unleash creativity blended with the skill and craftsmanship luxury vendors can develop the results are outstanding. This editorial is all the proof one needs. Inspired by two of the most famous cycles of paintings by the 19th-century artist Edward Burne-Jones their interpretation of the Legend of Briar Rose plays out. Additionally, their inspiration celebrates the first time these paintings have been united and are part of an exhibition at the Tate Britain. Let’s us underscore. This wildly gorgeous fairytale inspired wedding inspiration does not disappoint. Image after glorious image, captured by Jo Bradbury Wedding Photography, tells the story of Sleeping Beauty romantically while depicting the princess and her court who are frozen in time in a medieval dream world.

Wildly Gorgeous Fairytale Wedding Inspiration

Presenting this wildly gorgeous fairytale inspired wedding inspiration editorial is renowned bridal dress designer Joanne Fleming who conceived the idea and partnered on planning and styling with Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. The inspiration comes from the work of one of the last Pre-Raphaelites, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, who brought imaginary worlds to life in awe-inspiring paintings, stained glass windows and tapestries. Although Burne-Jones’s dreamy-eyed maidens and muscular heroes in melancholy romantic settings became some of the best-loved paintings in British art and influenced generations of artists including Pablo Picasso, this will be the first large exhibition in London in decades and the first at the Tate since 1933, the centenary of his birth. The chosen venue for the shoot was Michelham Priory in East Sussex. Steeped in history and associated throughout the ages with monarchy, it was founded in 1229 as a rare fortified monastery of the Augustinian order. Being an art and history lover and an avid fan of the artist, Joanne Fleming designed a range of exquisitely embroidered dresses using the most sumptuous fabrics in the rich colors reminiscent of Burne-Jones’ paintings. The royal blue gold embroidered velvet dress featured long funnel sleeves and a beautiful deep V shaped draped back. The incredible burgundy dress with its puffed pin tucked long sleeves had the most beautiful embroidery on the bodice. The third dress was a dreamy moon and stars embroidered lace overlaid on aqua silk with long funnel sleeves. The models’ hair was coiffed to perfection by Liz of Simply Beautiful Wedding Hair. Soft updos, curls and long tendrils showcase HF Couture enameled floral headpieces that are the ideal finishing touches to the overall medieval look. The make up by Harriet Rainbow was soft and natural, capturing the regal, pre Raphelite look perfectly.

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