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7 Beautiful Moments for Photography Inspiration – 123RF


Why did you decide to become a photographer?

Was it your all-time dream? Or did a turn of events inspire you? Whatever the answer, you simply have to love your job to remain in this industry. Because, let’s get real here, being a photographer does not exactly lead to a massive pay check.

Therefore, you’ve got to find something to keep your creativity flowing. So here’s our take on beautiful moments for photography inspiration, to help you believe in what you do best.  

1. Capturing a candid moment

Candid moments are always the most memorable. They’re fun, cute and are bound to make you smile when you take a look back. Therefore, always carry a camera, because the million-dollar shot may just be around the corner.   

2. Being featured in a magazine

This is the ultimate goal. It’s like having that sense of recognition, for all your efforts to capture the perfect image. A magazine feature is also a great way to showcase your conceptual thinking. Nat Geo, Lonely Planet and GQ all offer different opportunities for photographers from various backgrounds.

3. Capturing wedding celebrations

A wedding is filled with emotions that breathes life to your photography. Picture the smile on a father’s face when he walks his daughter down the aisle, the look on the groom’s face when he sees the most beautiful woman by his side and the tear in mom’s eye when she reminisces about her little one, learning to walk. Weddings are beautiful, and so is

4. Photographing old couples

There’s just something that makes most of us go “that’s us in 30 years”, when we see a sweet, old couple. And capturing their image offers you the chance to photograph their years of love, affection and friendship.

5. Capturing a family portrait

There’s no place like home. The creak in your old bed, the smell of mom’s cooking and the familiarity of everything makes us feel safe. However, a home is built by the people inside it. Therefore, photographing the bond between a family is one of the most beautiful photography inspirations out there.

6. When your images celebrate emotion

Image via Georgiy Datsenko@123RF.

Now who says photography is dead? Just ask a sports photographer. Seeing the sheer joy on a fan’s face when a World Cup winning goal is scored is an extraordinary experience and a front-runner for photography inspiration.

7. Seeing nature at its best

A is known to spend hours, waiting for the perfect moment for life in the wild to take its course. Be it a lioness pouncing on an impala, or millions of wildebeest crossing the epic Masai Mara, patience is the name of the game. However, when the time comes and nature showcases its extraordinary sights, it becomes the most powerful photography inspiration for a photographer’s lenses.

If you’re in search of more photography inspiration, check out our guide to Alternatively, if you’re still in the mood for celebration and dread getting back to work, read up on


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