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Out of Ideas? Get Inspired by These Corporate Entertainment Ideas | The Grable Group


Last updated on October 14th, 2018 at 07:03 am

There’s no doubt event planning is much fun. You get to use your creativity to execute corporate events with confidence, wit and by paying attention to the smallest details.

In the end, everything will blend together to provide an exceptional event for your guests.

The thing is, even the most experienced event planner can go through a creative block. Luckily, these corporate entertainment ideas will save the day.

Here are a few ideas you can use whenever you need an inspiration boost.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas Which Can Spark Your Creativity

1. Aerial dancers

Aerial dance is a subgenre of modern dance, and it was first recognized in the 1970’s. The performers can use all kinds of circus aerial apparatus, such as trapezes, hoops, fabrics, ropes and combine them with climbs, wraps, drops and hammock splits.

The vertical and horizontal movement paths allow the acrobats to be creative when coming up with the choreography.

If you want to wow your corporate audience with a show which is anything but dull, then hiring aerial performers is something you can consider.

2. Illusionist 

Do you want to keep your guests on the edge of their seat?

Then an illusionist is precisely the entertainment you need for your corporate event.

Illusionists are masterful entertainers and can perform tricks which can make everyone second guess what they have just seen.

These performers are also skilled at making objects vanish or levitate.

Etienne Vendette, or  are some of the most talented illusionists you can hire for your event.

3. Ventriloquist  

Ventriloquism is an act in which a person changes their voice, so it appears the voice is coming from somewhere else.

Today’s ventriloquists use a variety of puppets in their performance, from soft cloths to foam puppets. Most of these entertainers are skilled comedians as well, and some of them include motivational and inspirational speeches into their performance.

, , and are some excellent examples of multi-skilled ventriloquists who add other representations in their shows.

4. Music band 

Music not only makes the world go round, as the song says, but it is also a universal language which can create a stronger bond between people.

This is why hiring a band for your corporate event is an idea we recommend if you want to keep your guests engaged and entertained through the entire evening.

Whether you will go for a comedy drumming show such as or a dynamic vocal group like , most fundraisers audiences will most certainly appreciate a high-energy music band which can perform a unique show.

5. Magician

Hiring a magician is one of those corporate entertainment ideas which can increase interaction between your audience and the performer.

For example, , a close-up magician, can dazzle people with his sleight of hand and mind-blowing illusions.

Your guests could even be part of a magician’s act during the event, which will make it even more special for them.

Surprise Your Guests with the Best Entertainment

Once you decide on one of these corporate entertainment ideas, you need to choose the performer you are going to hire for your event.

Luckily for you, we have a wide variety of corporate entertainers you can choose from.

Feel free to contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you have any questions about booking an entertainer or if you want to discuss your needs.

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