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Herbalife Hoop Dreams: An Inspirational Story | #IAmHerbalife


How an active, healthy approach to life can make a huge difference! Once unable to muster up the energy to play basketball with his son, independent Herbalife member William G. shares his story of how he was able to turn his outlook around with the help of Herbalife.

Under the guidance of his sister, also a real life Herbalife member, William started using Herbalife products and got on a nutrition plan that worked for him.

'Now when my son asks me to shoot some hoops, I wear him out!'–William.

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Hear other inspirational stories and get in touch with an independent Herbalife member at . It's a thrill to hear from people who have used Herbalife products to help achieve a healthier, active lifestyle. People around the world are inspired by your success stories every day.

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In this video, you will meet William G., an Herbalife customer who was able to turn his outlook around with the help of his sister and Herbalife products. You will see how William lost 44 pounds (20 kilos) – and hear the joy in his voice when he talks about shooting hoops with his son.

At Herbalife, we provide the very best nutritional products on the market today, all formulated by proven nutrition science to help you lose weight and enjoy a healthy life. Our customers love our products because they taste great, provide key nutrients and energy and can help manage weight.

Helping other people to become more fit and healthy makes everyone feel positive. independent Herbalife members get to do this every day by offering people great nutrition products and, for those who want it, an opportunity to earn a little extra income.

People around the world benefit from Herbalife. They believe in the quality of the nutrition products when used as part of a healthy active life and they understand the opportunity to earn additional income comes with hard work.

Since we started in 1980, millions of people have had a great experience with Herbalife. The people who have enjoyed Herbalife continue to share the news that we can all feel better with a healthy, active lifestyle.

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