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Nike Has An Entire Line Inspired By The LGBTQ+ Community And It’s Dope


Nike just released the 2016 collection of its LGBTQ+ inspired line, BETRUE. In a June 1, 2016 post on the site, its creators explain the BETRUE 2016 collection:

Since its inception, Nike has championed athletes of all walks of life, believing that diversity creates better communities and fosters innovation and growth. The 2016 BETRUE collection, inspired by the LGBT community, represents this conviction and commitment, pairing two prominent symbols of pride: the rainbow flag and pink triangle.

Not unlike its2016 Black History Month Collection, the BETRUE collection is just another step (Get it?Nikemake shoes.) Nike is taking toward accepting people from all walks of life into the athletic community.

It’s important to note that this is not the first time Nike has advocated fortheLGBTQ+ community. Not only was the company one of the few corporations to openly support 2015’s Equality Act, this is also not the company’s first collection of the BETRUE line,which has been around in support of the LGBTQ+ community since 2015.

In its initial launch, Nike Vice President of Global Merchandising and Executive Advisor to itsLGBTQ+ Employee network Tim Hershey saidof the line:

Nike is deeply committed to diversity, inclusion and unleashing the potential of all athletes…We’re rallying the world to embrace #BETRUE as a call-to-action for all athletes to be their most authentic selves in June and all year long.

So, without further ado, here’s the 2016 collectionin all its glory.

Some of the Nike pieces subtly showcase the rainbow flag.

They’ve got a couple of simple black tanks that feature the pink triangle.

And lots and lots of beautiful, awesome colorful workout gear perfect for the summer.

Want to buy some stuff for yourself… or maybe the entire collection? Check it all out here.

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