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This 1909 Letter With Very Poor English Is One Of The Most Important Letter In Indian History


Okhil Chandra Sen published this notice towards the Sahibganj divisional train official in 1909. It’s on-display in the Museum in Delhi.

Any guesses this notice is of Historical Worth?

It resulted in the launch of BATHROOMS in trains in Asia!!

Yes that’s appropriate. So might be you walking back since your language is bad?
Then don’t be. This notice by babu may be the reason nowadays why you’ve bathrooms within the trains.

Dear Friend,

I’m occur by traveler train Ahmedpur place and jackfruit is being an excessive amount of swollen with by my stomach. I’m consequently visited happy. Simply the annoyance that shield producing whistle setback for practice to-go down being done by me after I am reveal all surprising to guy and feminine ladies on system and drop around and that I am operating with lotah in one single hand and dhoti within the next. I’m got station that was leaved.

This a lot of poor, if traveler visit create dung that dam shield not delay practice minutes. I’m consequently hope your honor to create good that is large on that shield for benefit that is public. Normally I’m producing are accountable that is large to documents.

Your’s consistently servent,

Ch. Sen.

If actually you realize poor english and never great language, unafraid to talk up. Topic matters not vocabulary. 😛