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Community Post: Miki Agrawal Wants You to Do Cool Sh*t (Too)!



That, she did. It’s almost exhausting just to list all her accomplishments. Since that day, Miki has become “a serial entrepreneur.” After a run as a professional soccer player, she became the founder of a highly acclaimed farm-to-table pizza restaurant concept, the developer of a high-tech women’s underwear line and an inspirational speaker. She was also a recipient of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival’s “Disruptive Innovation Award” and named 2013’s Forbes’ “Top 20 Millienials On a Mission.” All that, plus a recent book that is a bestseller on Amazon. Called “Do Cool Sh*t,” it’s a lifestyle she strongly suggests we all follow.

On December 5th, Miki and 11 other fascinating women will be taking part in TedxBethesdaWomen at Imagination Stage in Bethesda. Tickets are limited, so get yours now.

You can hear Miki talk with On The Marc Media’s Marc Silverstein in this Google Hangout. Hopefully, she’ll inspire you to “Do Cool Sh*t.”

Video available at:  .

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