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21 Adorable DIY Projects To Spruce Up Your Kitchen


1. Paint wooden spoon handles in different shades to make an ombré set.

Paint wooden spoon handles in different shades to make an ombré set.

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Instructions here.

Or stripes.

Use painter’s tape to make clean lines. Instructions here.

2. Sew an oven mitt out of fabric scraps.

This project requires a little sewing knowhow, but you’ll never want to take off the mitt when it’s done.

3. Crochet your own cozy potholders.

They don’t take long to make, and are great gifts if you suddenly find yourself producing millions of them. Get the instructions here.

4. Or embroider these pretty quilted ones:

“Sashiko” is the Japanese stitch used to make these cool quilted patterns. Get the instructions here.

5. Build a vintagey breakfast tray out of plywood.

6. Make a one-of-a-kind teapot with porcelain paint.

This blogger used a toothpick dipped in paint to make the dots. Patience required.

7. Washi tape can add a little pizzazz to your cabinet shelves.

Washi isn’t just a tape. Washi is a lifestyle.

8. Use a glass paint marker to draw dishwasher-safe designs on dishes.


9. Add some excitement to your cutting boards’ lives by painting the edges.

Just because they’re pieces of wood doesn’t mean they don’t want to live life to the fullest. Get the instructions here.

10. Use iron-on transfers to DIY a terribly whimsical tea towel.

This butterfly pattern is based on a towel from Anthropologie, but you can cut out printed fabric in any shapes you want.

11. Even easier: Paint stripes onto white linen towels.


Painter’s tape makes it easy to keep the lines straight and clean. Get the instructions here.

12. Make functional fridge magnets out of cute containers.

If you stick a magnet inside a metal container, the whole thing will become magnetic; for other materials, you can glue the magnet on the outside.

13. Give your fridge a polka-dot makeover with contact paper dots.

Is this silly? Yes. Is it also delightful? Uh huh. Get the instructions here.

14. Or heck, put temporary wallpaper on the whole shebang.

Gotta admit, it’s tempting. Instructions here.

15. Dress up your stand mixer with a pretty stencil pattern cut out of colored wall vinyl.

Get the instructions here.

16. Mason jars can be repurposed as cute-patootie soap dispensers.


Face it, you were never going to get around to putting jam in it anyway. Get the instructions here.

17. Hang spice jars on the wall with wire for easy access.

They could all be white if you’re of the Calvin Klein school of decorating, but you do you. Instructions here.

18. Turn a closet door into an organizer by adding hooks.

Great for when you’re renting and not supposed to be putting lots of holes in the wall. Get the instructions here.

19. Spray-paint the lids of random leftover jars to make a matching set.

They’ll be so happy.

20. Chalkboard paint makes neat jars you can re-label any time.

Listen, chalkboard paint is a ubiquitous scourge upon the craft world for a reason: It’s cool. Get instructions here.

21. Finally, the nuclear option: Paint your entire fridge with chalkboard paint.

Just keep that artwork clean, people. Instructions here.

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